Our assessment data is updated at least once per week by 10pm on Saturdays. To keep our data current, we also display the SR1A sales associated to the property you searched for.
NJPropertyRecords.com currently has about 99% of all tax maps and zoning maps for the entire state of New Jersey. We update our maps on an ongoing basis as we become aware of new developments and subdivisions. After the scanned map image has been acquired, we upload it to our website the same day. We request the most current tax and zoning map from all 595 municipalities at least once a year. At any time, our members can contact us if they believe a newer tax or zoning map is available.
It is not necessary to enter the full name, address, lot and block of a property. The best way to execute a search is to enter "Owner last name" and select a "District" from the drop down menu. At this point, it is helpful to allow our auto-fill feature to help you locate the property as it appears in our database. You can then refine your search using other search criteria such as address, sales, price, etc. When searching by a street name use the keyword "Main" instead of "Main Street" - "Berkley" instead of "Berkley Avenue" or "Berkley Ave". This is because the entry formats vary from town to town (i.e "Main Street" may be recorded as "Main Street" or "Main St" in some municipalities). If all fails, please contact us and we'll help you locate the property.
Yes, the system will allow only one log-in per account. If you or your company require access for multiple users, please contact us for pricing. We'll beat any of our competitors’ prices, just a request a quote.
SQFT data is provided for SR1A records since 1998 for districts that utilize/maintain the SQFT data. If the square footage appears on the SR1A data of the property, then it will also appear here on NJPropertyRecords.com. Our SR1A data starts from 1992. SR1A data is updated weekly, sometimes daily.
Yes. We offer zoning and index maps for almost all municipalities in New Jersey. To view a Zoning Map, execute a search and click on the button labeled "Zoning Map" to review the high resolution zoning map in PDF format. To view an Index Map, execute a search, select your subject property from the list. Next, click the "District Maps" tab at the top menu and select either “Keymap” or “Index Map”.
Yes, we have built an interactive GIS system that includes all of the above mentioned layers and more, including FEMA flood layers. This feature is only available to our advanced members.
Yes, if you purchase an annual subscription you will receive a discount. We also offer discount for military, non-for-profits, and government agencies.
We are confident that your company won't find a better price for all of these services anywhere else. So confident that if you do, we will provide you a lifetime free basic membership account.


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